30 January 2008

Interview with June Charlotte Ek

June lives in Norway and considers herself to be a beginner artist. In this series of questions, I asked what her motivations, inspirations and thought processes when doing her artwork.

Q. When did you start drawing?

A. Can't remember when, but as long as I can remember I have always drawn.

Q. Was there any one inspiration that got you into drawing (a particular artist, cartoon, ect) and why do you think that source had such a powerful impact on why you want to draw?

A. Inspiration that got me to draw was of course as [the same as] most people think - Cartoons - Lion King. Later my best friend, who has an awesome talent in drawing, made me feel like I would like to do more with my drawing.

Q. How important is it for you to improve your artistic skills? Is it something you constantly strive to do or are you content with your current abilities?

A. Well, I mostly just draw to get out [from being] bored, [to] get out fantasy, so it's more for myself that I draw than anybody else (even thought I like to get comments on them =o)

Q. Would you consider making art more of a career or would you prefer to keep it as just a way to have fun or relax?

A. Just fun. I don't have talent, time or a mind to do things on "command" (like commissions). I like to be free to choose what I want to draw [at] different times.

Q. If you strive to improve in your art, what is the best way you've found to do this? Do you think it's simply just practising or a bit of something else like being constantly inspired by other artists or pushed by instructors?

A. Practice, play copycat for a while and slowly get my own style of [art].

Q. What do you think of your favourite artists and how do you think they got to where they are?

A. Well, mostly I think the artist I [like] now have, more or less, the skill in their blood, even though you always can be better with training, critics and such things.

Q. Do you ever compare your skill level to that of other artists? How does this make you feel?Image © June Charlotte Ek

A. Yeah, and it's both the negative and the positive sometimes :P But I only tell myself what I think about it, and nothing more.

Q. When you start a drawing and it is not turning out as you'd hoped, what is your thought process and how does it make you feel?

A. It normally does, since my [imagination] is on a higher level than my drawing skill, but I seem to feel okay to [try] it. Even though I sometimes just lay the pen down and start doing something else.

Q. We all get frustrated or have "artist blocks" at times, what do you do to combat this? Do you take a break from art for a while or just try harder to get better? What technique do you feel is the best for defeating "artist's block"?

A. I think [the previous question] is the answer for this one too!

Q. What advice would you give to people who are considering learning how to draw, but are afraid or are unsure as to where to start?

A. Just your imagination, trust your instinct and watch and learn ^^


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  1. Really interesting, I like hearing about other people's take on the creative process.