What is Colourisma?

Colourisma is a site for freelance illustrators, specialising in the nitty gritty stuff of the art world- blending aspects of marketing, finance, accounting, social interaction and various illustration markets.


My most prominent medium at the moment is Photoshop, wielding my Wacom stylus as though it were made of birchwood and unicorn hair (Harry Potter reference? No?), however, I have recently begun learning how to manipulate real paint on real canvas because I absolutely adore having a physical manifestation of the things I love to paint.

You can find my illustration work by visiting TawnyFritz.com!

I've always drawn and painted, but it took me until high school to realise the hobby that I did 90% of the time should probably be something I did for a career. I originally wanted to become a wildlife painter, but my love of the fantasy genre inspired me to blend my passions into animal and pet caricature as well as fantasy creature art.

You can find my illustration work by visiting CharReed.com!