Artist Resources

Gesture Drawing Practice Tool
A wonderful tool for those who can't get out to regular life drawing sessions. 10 minutes of gesture drawing a day is sure to help improve your skills! Consider donating to help support this wonderful tool for artists!

Animal Gesture Drawing Practice Tool
Made by Pixelovely, the same maker of the human Gesture Drawing Practice Tool. If you've mastered humans, try drawing animals next! Consider donating to help support the creator.

Character Designs
A really great resource of figures in various poses– fighting, sitting, standing... I don't believe it's updated much, but what they have there already is helpful for poses with weapons, especially.

This site features an interesting concept of having 3D figures you can rotate 360 degrees. The figures are 3D models, but they still have a lot of poses that you can get general human proportions, as well as a hand, foot and head models also. You can donate to the project to help future development.

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