27 January 2008

Welcome to Colourisma!


I created this site to help fellow visual artists! I am an artist myself and my mission for this website and blog is to provide an expansive, interesting, constantly growing source of the latest tips, tricks and tools of the trade. I think that we can all learn from each other, so I will provide weekly technical tutorials on various artistic techniques and interview artists to get real insight as to the real "why" of what they are doing, not necessarily focusing on how they do what they do.

I find that knowing why you are doing something is more important than skill level. Skills can be learned, drive and passion is innate. Even the most determined unskilled beginning artist will go far if they have the passion for art that drives most of the professionals in the field. All throughout my childhood, other kids and people asked me, "How did you learn to draw?", I chuckled and laughed at the question because I didn't know how to answer it. I eventually formulated the answer: "I just never stopped". From the time I picked up a pencil as a kid, I never put it down. Most kids stop drawing because they think they are no longer "good enough" and they quit from a lack of encouragement or self motivation.

Another of my goals is to enliven that spirit of creation that lives within all of us. I hope that people will be inspired by the content on this blog and will continue to come back multiple times a week to become inspired on their own artistic endeavours, no matter what skill level of artist you call yourself- beginners, intermediates and advanced artists all alike!

So come join me on this journey of motivation and creativity! You may never know what you will find out about yourself!

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