01 March 2010

Is art your passion? Or just a hobby?

You know what they say, don't turn your hobbies into work because work it becomes!

Is this true for artists?

I guess the answer depends if you prefer to see art as a passion or a hobby.
I can't see myself working another job and loving it as much as I do being an illustrator.  I guess I have to admit that art is a passion for me and I wouldn't have it any other way.  For someone else, art may just be a hobby.  Something you do to relieve stress or it's just a creative outlet.

Here are a few signs to determine if you find art to be a passion or a hobby.

  • You tend to spend your free time browsing art websites, researching artists and art history...
  • You can't put a pencil or stylus down and constantly draw- even when you shouldn't be!
  • You view critique as a challenge and you feel it makes you a better artist.
  • You are willing to research what it takes to start and run a business doing art full time.
  • You can't imagine doing anything else with your life.

  • If you have any hang ups about selling your work or putting a price on the effort it takes you to make a piece of artwork.
  • You get frustrated and severely discouraged if anyone critiques your work.
  • You get half way through a tutorial, then easily get distracted or bored.
  • You find it hard to ever finish a piece- the ambition to start a piece never follows through to the end.
  • If your artwork always takes a back burner to other important things- you just can't ever seem to make it a priority.


Do you feel you do art as a passion or just a hobby... or somewhere in between?

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