31 January 2011

Getting Back on the Horse

JetJet the Space Cadet- My Lesson Horse
A little  anecdote...

Last week I was at my horse riding lesson. I'm working up to jumping, doing the very beginning stages. I was instructed to ride in two point over ground poles with a small crossrail at the end. I was not used to riding in two point and encouraged the horse to trot too quickly. He started to canter then gathered himself into a full blown jump over this tiny 6" crossrail.

Needless to say, I didn't handle this too well. In non-horsey terms, I made the horse go too fast and I fell off. I was alright and escaped with just a small bruise under my eyebrow from where my helmet smacked into my glasses.

I was a little shaken up, but I hopped right back on and did the exercise correctly the second time- no problems.

I know I've applied this same lesson over and over again in my own business. When you run a business, sometimes it feels like nothing is going your way- clients aren't responding to their emails, business is slow and all of your marketing efforts aren't working.

Do you just stay down and give up? Or do you get back on the horse and redouble your efforts and keep moving forward?

Steal yourself, allow yourself to fall and feel bad about it, but don't stay on the ground. The sooner you dust yourself off and get back to work, the better your business will be!

What bumps and bruises have you had when trying to run your illustration business?

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