26 January 2011

"Improve Portfolio's Style" Experiment Week 2

Last week I assessed my portfolio and decided I could slim it down and remove extraneous pieces that weren't positively contributing to it. I also decided to work on a new piece to add to my portfolio and replace a current piece.

After some discussion with a fellow artist, I decided my time would be better spent improving some of the pieces already in my portfolio before making new ones from scratch.

I started off with my Monster Crab piece:

I worked this week on improving the sense of depth, the level of detail and some other aspects of the piece to push it up to the next level. I am still looking for feedback, but here is my update:

I think it's really important to be flexible when it comes to updating your portfolio. Don't set such a rigid path that you are unable or unwilling to change what you need to do to improve. Sometimes it's simply improving what you've already got, especially if it's a decent concept.

What have you learned from the process of updating your portfolio?

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