23 February 2011

"Improve Portfolio's Style" Experiment Week 5

In week five of the Improve Portfolio Style series, I've gotten one piece retouched, and now I'm working on another piece that could be a lot better given a few improvements.

Here is the original piece:

Here is a WIP of the piece:

Some of the things that were changed:
  • I added a better underlying story, making the rider a Pony Express mailman.
  • I changed the saddle after doing research into the Pony Express and added the special removable mail bags onto the tack.
  • I added a moustache and jacket that better depicts the time period.
Some things I'd like to add:
  • Adjust the anatomy on the werewolves.
  • Add Native American d├ęcor to the werewolves to help push the underlying conflict and emphasise that they are werewolves.
I'd love to hear any other suggestions!

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