12 January 2011

Experimental Wednesdays

Thanks for following my updates so far! I've been thinking about ways to help fellow illustrators and one thing I thought to do was work on a project that usually I'd do privately, but make it a public experiment.

For the first experiment, I want to improve my portfolio. Specifically, I've been getting a lot of feedback lately from various art directors that while they really like my fantasy illustrations, they don't feel they match with their product line. After about 4-5 emails of this type, I think it's time to take stock and improve my illustration business and develop a plan of action to solve this issue.

What am I gunna do about it?
  1. Take a good look at my portfolio. Is there something I can cull from it TODAY to instantly make it more appealing to the types of places I'm submitting my portfolio?
  2. Consider the illustrations the companies already are using- how do mine not measure up?
  3. Do a piece that isn't a direct copy of the company's already established line, but more closely appeals to their product line and style.
Now, feel free to watch, learn or even follow along in this experiment with me and post your results. I'd LOVE to get your feedback- things I could try next, things you tried and worked for you (or didn't)... I figure that in the worst case scenario, if the experiment flops, lesson learned and I made the mistake so you don't have to!

I'll check in next Wednesday to let you know what happened with my action plan from this week!

Plan on following the experiment with me? Comment to let me know!

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