14 January 2011

Friday Feature: Cheong-ah Hwang


Cheong-ah Hwang

I saw Cheong-ah's work earlier this week and just had to feature it! I absolutely love papercraft and when pieces are so excellently crafted, they deserve a bit of limelight. It was really hard for me to pick only one piece to feature, as the rest of her gallery is full of just as intricately done, wonderful pieces. Be sure to check out her portfolio!

Since I am revamping this blog, I thought I'd take a minute to explain "Friday Feature".

I want to help support and highlight my fellow illustrators. I thought a feature on the blog might help bring new people to various artist's portfolios and help shine a light on the artist's artwork.

If you'd like to submit yourself or another deserving artist for the Friday Feature, please send your name and a link to your portfolio to colourisma@gmail.com! I will check out the portfolio and pick the piece that I feel is most representative of the body of work and post it on the blog along with the artist's name and portfolio URL.

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