02 January 2013

Happy 2013!

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by bayasaa
Hi everyone, Char here. Back with Colourisma and more Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Art Trade!

I apologise for the lengthy delay in posts. My plan is to post every Wednesday and to be several weeks caught up. As all bloggers tell you, the most important things about keeping a blog are consistency and planning!

Part of the delay was finally finding my career path last year. It's been a long meandering road, about 10 years actually. Ironically, I ended up where I began...

I started off working at a pet store while doing my art on the side. It seemed to take 10 years to come full circle and smoosh "pet" and "art" together to come up with my current passion: PetPicsArt.com!

If you guys are interested, I'll post more about my journey so you can use it to inspire your own!

I want to help my fellow artists, those starting off and those continuing on alike (if I can reduce your path to be shorter than mine, all the better, right?). I hope to have a year planned with interesting apps, helpful tips and tricks from fellow pros in the field to help you on your path to artistic greatness!

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