09 January 2013

Tool of the Trade: Rescue Time

So you're a freelancer, you're either full time or part time, but either way you are dedicated to your craft.

And yet how much time do you spend playing that Facebook game, checking that Twitter feed or obsessing over those Google Analytics?

Confession time: Everyone does it. So do I. Several studies suggest taking downtime during the day can even increase productivity.

But when you freelance, time can be a serious commodity. When you don't get much done in a day, you only have yourself to blame. You're the boss.

Enter Rescue Time: Your new boss.

This little app measures what you do on the computer- from checking email, editing in Photoshop, productive social networking, as well as the less productive time sinks that can catch you off guard.

Rescue Time can help you:
  • Spot inefficiencies in your day.
  • Become better at self-managing.
  • Make measurable changes that impact your time in a positive way. 

Sometimes just realising how much time you're spending unproductively is a real motivator to keeping yourself on track. Perhaps even knowing something is tracking you and what you're doing helps you to stay focused.

The app can be controlled from it's interface online. You can tell it when to turn on and off, what to monitor or not to monitor, it's fully customisable.
Competition may be the best way to stay productive!

It may not be for everyone if privacy is a major concern for you, but for me, it just keeps me on my toes and reminds me to keep working!

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